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GI Dr could not have cared less and said it is IBS and take these pills.

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I finally got hold of myself and started on Nutrisystem and back to exercising daily.

It was at that point that my PCP and I decided that the only real chance I had at achieving any type of normal health was surgery.I believe this surgery can have great impacts in the most positive ways, IF it is taken seriously, the diet and supplement plan followed for life.I Want To Lose 100 Pounds What Should I Eat - Nutrisystem Weight Loss Programs I Want To Lose 100 Pounds What Should I Eat Weight Loss Surgery After Gastric Bypass.It is not intended as nor should be relied upon as medical advice.I was actually researching long-term side effects that may develop years post op when I came across this site.You have to change your life if you want the hard work to pay off.

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A few years later I was introduced to another practice and discovered that my throat is too large, my pouch is too small, and my small intestine is too large food stops in my small intestine at a bend.

Support Group by: Janice Kelly Ok I know exactly where you are.I started of at 240 pounds and went down to 115lbs in less than 5 months.I did gain some weight back recently due to having some health issues that are causing me to be nearly bed bound.

Always hungry by: Lyle kominsky I am 10 yrs out from rny, went from 360 to 167 and lately I am always hungry every 2 hrs on the dot.If you struggle with intake you need to be seen by a Bariatric surgeon.How Long To Lose Weight On Nutrisystem - How Can I Lose The Belly After Gastric Bypass How Long To Lose Weight On Nutrisystem How To Lose Upper Body Weight Only How.

So if anyone has a book I could read regarding proper diet for bypass people that would be a great start. Thanks.I had surgery as a last resort because I was physically unable to lose weight despite trying like hell, and I have proven that post surgery I can lose weight when I apply myself.Was walking a lot but back issues caused drastic drop in activity.RnY 17 yrs out by: Linda I had the RNY procedure in Nov 1999, beginning weight was 237 and my lowest weight was 140 lbs, which made me look sick.

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I was not unhealthy before gastric bypass surgery and I have been unhealthy ever since.

Pre op by: Antoinette I see a lot of comments here about weight gain but what about other issues like osteoporosis or ulcers etc.I recently started to try to add my vitamins back in to my daily routine after going years without them.

That would mean a lot to me because I just feel so alone with this.

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I did have an upper GI exam and found out that my pouch is in good shape and I had not stretched it out.Best Womens Natural Weight Loss Supplements What Makes Nutrisystem Food Burn Belly Fat Weight Loss 2 Years After Gastric Bypass.Other Topics: Review Experiences from Others or Share Your Stories for Other Topics Find a Top Weight Loss surgeon.Please do NOT ask it on this page unless you ONLY want the original poster and other commenters on this page to be notified about it.I know any diet works, but right now I feel so out of control with binge eating and that feeling of what diet do I try next.