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Its a great resource with so many people contributing their stories.Easter will be at my house so, do I stay on the diet and not loose any weight(watching everyone eat all this good food)or eat sensibly.If at any time you need support, or if you need to chat online with a support person you can.I have read so many diet articles and self-help books, etc., so I certainly understand the concept of dieting.What I really wanted was something that was pre-packaged, that had the correct portions already measured out etc, so NS was perfect for me.

For this reason, the program is a success both in losing the weight AND in maintaining a leaner you.Nutrisystem food accounted for only 26.6% of my weekly food intake.After reading to all these reviews, I am really very dissappointed.Please realize that to lose weight you really need to eat less food — you have to train yourself to grow accustomed to eating smaller meals.

That company has been advertising on TV and I often wondered if it was any good.I bought the prepackaged nutrisystem from Big Lots and saved alot of money.The best way to lose greater amounts of weight is to take it slow and steady and try and get exercising as well as dieting.

Hey Kim, its great to hear from you that your enjoying the diet and being so positive.I went on the diet in January for two months and lost an incredible 16 pounds.Hi Vicki, I just started the NS plan yesterday and was surprised I was not hungry either.You can substitute regular food items of equal colorie amounts for the Nutrisystems food at times.Simply fill out the comment form at the end of the page and submit it.

Again I definitely recommend nutrisystem to anyone who has weight to lose and need help planning their meals to do so.If anyone that has diabetes would like to post their experience with the program I sure would be interested in reading it.

Often when someone experiences a slower rate of weight loss, their metabolism is slower than it could be.Good luck to all who are willing to take the first step in improving there life and health on this diet, and thank you for this site for its honest reviews.

I have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease from fat laden eating over the last 33 years.I never received anything even though I continued calling them.That works into my husbands schedule, he is away for 10 days and home for 4 and I want to surprize him with some weight loss when he is away.Kelly, I hate to say it, but you really must resist the temptation to open the meals before you are set to eat them.I asked some of my friends how much weight do you lose in a month by doing Nutrisystem, but I got some really diverse answers, as you can imagine.Its not good business practice to have employees go telling new customers the wrong information.

Hi everyone, I have been on nutrisystem for 3 days and have already lost 2 pounds.I am sure the food will be good. (I am really looking forward to the biscuits and gravy in the morning) but the money problem simply will not work for us.As already mentioned above, there are no more Nutrisystem coupons and any you find on websites will be out of date.It works for most people and I think its worth trying even for a month if your already leaning toward trying it.

I started incorporating exercise 3 times a week for 30 min into my routine about midway through the first month and at the end of the first month, i had lost 10 lbs.Read the information brochures that come with your packaged meals as they will tell you what you can add.My only complaint was the food, it just tasted so processed and I had to force it down.Okay, this might appear to be a little unpleasant, but its a natural byproduct of metabolizing some high fiber and protein rich foods.