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Just read any of the latest articles on news sites and the top diet experts now tell you not all calories are equal.Oh and I quit eating junk and took an evening cookery course so now I make all my own meals and you know what.She is a beautiful woman, I will grant you that but come on one commercial after another is getting to be too much.I want to add for other people reading this that everyone will lose weight at their own pace and some will lose it faster than others.I eat only fresh food that tastes great and drink plain water or herbal tea now.Keep going girl, you already lost 5 pounds you can lose another 5 and more.But I knew for a while I got to lose about 30 pounds, probably more.I absolutely love the turbo shakes and the nutricrush shakes wish I could drink those all day long.

With over 150 different meals to choose from (including 30 new and improved dishes), the menu is extremely varied.They taste tons better than all that packet store food I was eating before.Subscribers obtain free access to a number of services provided by the Nutrisystem company.I have even tried, a day off NS to try to trick my body, as per instructions.

For most members, that works out to about 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week.Been on it for 5 days and lost 1.5 lbs, and the food taste great.

She really used the four letter word, but to be safe I used this descpription instead.When I told the moderators they did nothing.

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Thanks for the review, pretty accurate on all counts and I like that your showing good and bad comments here. Eddy.Dietitians recommend only 1-2 pounds a week, so 4 pounds is actually fine.My husband says this is the first time he has seen me stick to something for this long.Nutrisystem is a great program to lose that amount of weight really easy.

Have you tried any other forms of light exercise, like dancing or swimming perhaps.I eat all the nutrisystem meals and add 10 almonds for a snack and a vegetable with dinner and have found that it is plenty of food.

In 1972, it was maxi-dresses, Easy Bake Ovens, Watergate, half a dollar for a gallon of gas, and Nutrisystem was born.I like that all the hassle is taken out of this diet, which is maybe why its working so well for me.I ate and ate but sat around all day feeling sorry for myself.Its well worth the higher cost for food I can eat and actually enjoy.

To get the right perspective, first take the total price you pay for the diet.Thank you so much for your words of encouragement they are appreciated.The food is much better than I thought it would be and those little snack bars are what saved me from my habit of snacking between meals.Losing the desire to junk snack at night is a huge improvement.The blood type diet is an interesting one that has some merit and is also worth looking at.I did experience constipation for the first week and very well could have made a mistake by eating more meals with higher fiber content to combat this which may have created the stomach pain.All that fat was gone baby and my old clothes all looked like they were made for an elephant.

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Hey Beth, all comments are published, positive or negative as long as they are helpful in some way.Lack of weight loss when on a calorie controlled diet is often attributed to a slowdown of metabolism to match the lower calorie count.Because the food is NOT horrible or bad tasting for most users.