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It is the mission of USA Powerlifting to provide powerlifting competition of uniform high quality which is.

63kg Jennifer Thompson Benches 317.5 lbs for New IPF World

Jennifer Thompson SSP Athlete and World Champion Weightlifter.

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As a female who is passionate about the sport of powerlifting,. specifically in the bench press. Jennifer Thompson is one of the best pound-for-pound bench.

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I have been powerlifting since 1999 and competed in the 132.Professional powerlifter Jennifer Thompson broke her personal record for bench press while visiting the Liberty University football locker room.I am not just referring to phenomenal women lifters such as Jennifer Thompson or Sioux-z Hartwig.

Critical Bench: How do you want to be remembered I would like to be a legend like Jennifer Thompson,.Jennifer Thompson was a college student when she was brutally raped.Priscilla Ribic, one of the best female deadlifters of all time.On Saturday he interviewed Lance Slaughter and Jennifer Thompson. SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting.


Jennifer is part of a new e-book called Powerlifting For Women.

Jennifer Thompson sits down with EBI to discuss her experience in Powerlifting, share her story and offer her advice to new and experienced lifters.

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Jennifer Thompson is a mother of two boys and has been powerlifting since 1999.

Jennifer Thompson- How can she Bench as much as she can Squat?

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Jennifer Thompson, Noah Chambreau, Becca Swanson,...

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