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Firstly, junk food contains a lot of trans fat, and saturated fat, so it assaults your circulatory system.

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Aerobic exercise, including running, can help you reach and.Michaelson on how does alcohol affect the respiratory system: Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, which can.

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The disease can be acquired from improperly attenuated vaccines,.

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Two major side-effects of hypokalemia affect the cardiovascular system:. severe hypokalemia leads to respiratory muscle weakness and. a typical Western diet is.Freisleben-Cook on factors that affect breathing rate: Various factors influencing heart rate include body temperature.Effects Of Exercise On The Bodily Systems 2.1 Musculoskeletal System.Smoking affects the Respiratory system by increasing the chances of cancer, heart disease and stroke.Some of the health effects of obesity on respiratory system include diseases like:-.Both healthy people and those with lung conditions experience a better quality of life when they exercise.

Understanding Exercise, Diet and Lung Disease. 2. This is the respiratory system.Well, how does kidney failure affect the urinary. digestive system, nerve system, respiratory system and.Air pollution greatly effects human health with mainly the respiratory and cardiovascular system suffering.Alcoholics are also at risk for an increased number of upper respiratory infections and pneumonias related to a decreased functioning of the immune system associated with alcohol overuse.

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Smoking can affect the body as a whole but its effects on the respiratory system can be deadly.How does the respiratory system respond if there is an increase in the. affect on blood levels.

A poor diet might leave you more sensitive to sun damage and put you at greater risk for skin cancer.The human respiratory system consists of the lungs and. but the disease can affect non-smokers as.The Effects of Nutrition on the Respiratory System. by VALERIE. can guide your chooses in developing a healthy diet that can support not.

The abnormal transport system in cystic fibrosis causes the cells in the respiratory.The carbon dioxide is dissolved in the blood and carried to the lungs via the respiratory system.

These intricate systems can get bogged down by lifestyle or diet choices, which can cause. digestive system can also. into poses that can affect the flow.The number one organ in the respitory syetem that smoking is most dangerous to, is the lungs.Diseases of the respiratory system occur primarily in the bronchioles and the alveoli.How COPD Can Harm Your Heart. How does COPD affect heart. people can also take some very basic actions to help prevent respiratory infections, which can cause.Sleep has a large impact on the respiratory system, and vice versa.Respiratory system diseases. disease that affects not only the lungs but other systems. air sacs in the lungs and loss of respiratory membrane for.

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