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Cabin 28

Die alte "Cabin 28" - vor Jahren wurde sie abgerissen. Die Morde, die in ihr stattfanden, bleiben unaufgeklärt. © Getty Images, Wikimedia. Der Horrorfilm Cabin 28 - Sie sind längst da basiert auf einem der berühmtesten ungeklärten Mordfälle in der Geschichte der USA: den. - Kaufen Sie Cabin 28 - Sie sind längst da günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​.

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Cabin (51)1 Std. 18 Min Dieser Film basiert auf einer der grausamsten und bis heute ungeklärten Mordserien der amerikanischen Geschichte. - Kaufen Sie Cabin 28 - Sie sind längst da günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Cabin 28 ein Film von Andrew Jones mit Terri Dwyer, Harriet Rees. Inhaltsangabe: Basierend auf der wahren Geschichte der Keddie-Morde: Nach einem. Die alte "Cabin 28" - vor Jahren wurde sie abgerissen. Die Morde, die in ihr stattfanden, bleiben unaufgeklärt. © Getty Images, Wikimedia. Cabin 78 min+. Dieser Film basiert auf einer der grausamsten und bis heute ungeklärten Mordserien der amerikanischen Geschichte: Der Horrorfilm Cabin 28 - Sie sind längst da basiert auf einem der berühmtesten ungeklärten Mordfälle in der Geschichte der USA: den. Cabin 27 Bewertungen. Veröffentlicht 9 Apr. Under The Milky Way. Wähle eine Version aus. Der Wunschliste hinzufügen. Beschreibung. Download​.

Cabin 28

Die alte "Cabin 28" - vor Jahren wurde sie abgerissen. Die Morde, die in ihr stattfanden, bleiben unaufgeklärt. © Getty Images, Wikimedia. Cabin 28 ein Film von Andrew Jones mit Terri Dwyer, Harriet Rees. Inhaltsangabe: Basierend auf der wahren Geschichte der Keddie-Morde: Nach einem. Der Horrorfilm Cabin 28 - Sie sind längst da basiert auf einem der berühmtesten ungeklärten Mordfälle in der Geschichte der USA: den. Cabin 28

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Nach Angaben des Sheriffs lag Venom Film 2019 Aufnahme ungeöffnet verpackt in einer alten Beweismaterialbox und war noch nie abgehört worden. Mehr Infos: SD Deutsch. Cabin 28 - Sie In Der Hitze Der Nacht Stream längst da. Offiziell erfahren wir nie, wer die zwei Killer waren, aber jeder ahnt es. Am In der Folge ermittelt die Polizei intensiv, doch ein Täter kann nie geschnappt werden. Nur für kurze Zeit. The Gift 2006 Stream könnte dich auch interessieren. Teil 1. Der Fall wurde ungelöst zu den Akten gelegt. Viel Potenzial, so The Jungle Book Imdb Falsch Sif The Cured - Infiziert. In einem Nebenzimmer des Tatorts werden damals die beiden Brüder von Sheila, Greg und Rick, gefunden, fünf und zehn Jahre sind sie alt.

Quincy, California. April 22, November 28, Archived from the original on November 29, Retrieved August 2, Archived from the original on November 28, California Death Index , Retrieved July 30, Lassen County Times.

Susanville, California. May 27, Reno Gazette Journal. Reno, Nevada. Archived from the original on August 4, Los Angeles Times.

April 14, Archived from the original on April 15, Reno Gazette-Journal. April 15, Westwood Pine Press. Westwood, California — via Newspapers.

June 10, December 21, April 29, March 21, The gore is terrible, and you can't wait for the mother to be killed right from the beginning.

Every character has an annoying trait that won't stop, and you constantly wish they are killed next. Save your time, your money, and your IQ for something with a little more substance.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. The story and the screenplay are lame; the acting is terrible; the cinematography and special effects are poor; in summary, this film is an awful garbage.

The only thing that works is the wonderful art of the Brazilian DVD cover that lures the viewer. Advice when most needed is least heeded.

Anyway, the advice is to stay away from this crap. My vote is one awful. A-Zupreme 10 August I hate to be too hard on what seems to be a low-budget production, but some of the greats were also low budget.

Yet, many have managed to become something amazing despite so little so I have to speak frankly on what didn't work about this one: 1 The film didn't at all look like a representation of an event that took place in the early s.

Unfortunately, neither the house nor the family conveyed a vibe of the 80s which put me off from it from the start. It got to the point where it became funny when this music played, which is a bit awkward of me to say about a movie with such grim subject matter but it almost seemed to border on parody at points.

Ultimately, less is more and that's a weapon that low-budget productions need to utilize and well in order to succeed.

I understand that ski masks and brown-sack bags with eye holes cut out have been done in other movies, but they at least look menacing as compared to these cheesy Halloween masks on display here.

Yet, there seems to be a lot of that going on here. Did this really happen? Again, their hook was basing this on something that really happened, granted they did say that some things have been dramatized for effect at the start.

Yet, it would have been nice for them to be a bit more choosy on WHAT they dramatized. Moments like this just remind you that you're watching a horror movie, not immersed in the terror along with the characters.

Also, far too many self-aware horror-comedies play these classic horrors in their films often as a loving wink by the creators to their favorites.

So, it didn't do this one good to fall into that mix if it was trying to achieve something genuinely scary. I just could not get into this movie at all, though I will give it credit for having me look into the real-life case and learning about these poor people and what happened to them all those years ago.

Movies like this remind us that the real horror resides not in the cinema but with us I can'y believe I wasted my time With this movie.

Ended up watching the Documentary. But back to this movie, the acting was horrible. There was no introduction with the characters, so it was kind all over the place.

Also i felt the writer could've made the characters fight back a little stronger than what they did. It's not much I can really say I was just mad I even wasted my time watching this movie.

This production contacted me a year or two back wanting my assistance. I looked up their other titles and new they are schlock merchants, so I ignored them or told them to stuff it- I don't recall which.

First, the disclaimer at the beginning and tail are lies. Not supposed to represent people, living or dead?

How does that work when it's advertised as a true story? Read their own description of this trash. Next is the hokey dialogue- none of which ever took place.

And why is the cabin so luxurious, and why is it in Wales? Keddie was a dive, 28 was a dive, and the Sharps and Smartts were all poor. They stole a lot of info from my site keddie Marilyn had no contact with Sue, there was no visit at the dinner table, the only time Marilyn was known to have contact with Sue that day is when she, Marty, and Bo entered the cabin and killed them.

And her son, Justin, was 12, not 8, and it is known he was also not just a witness but a participant in the murders. Cold hard facts. The murders did not go down even remotely close to how the film depicts them.

This film is worthy of a class action lawsuit. And guess why I chose not to participate in this piece of filth. I am ten minutes into this and I just cant hack anymore of it.

It would have got 2 stars if the fake american accents were not so bloody awful. Before I bought it I watched a quick trailer and that was it. The accents were so bad that while watching I had to look up the cast and thats when I find out they are brits.

I have seen high school plays with better acting. Clearly the cast were just given a script and told to put on an american accent with no real training.

Save your cash and your brain. Possibly the worst film I've ever watched. Everything about this movie was just plain awful.

The acting, the writing, I struggled to make it to the end. I had some hope for this movie based on the events that inspired the movie, it could have been something great, but it wasn't.

Do yourself a favor and never watch this movie. The movie description says, "based on the true life murders which inspired The Strangers".

I knew it would be a lower quality rip off, and it was, but I still expected better. Everything about this movie was mediocre at best.

The pacing was really off, which felt like the cinematography version of an 'awkward silence'. The characters are so dumb and pathetic that you don't even care what happens to any of them in the end, which is sad because these events actually happened.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Based on one of the most infamous unsolved murder cases in American history, this film follows a family who are terrorized at an isolated cabin by mysterious assailants.

Director: Andrew Jones. Writer: John Klyza.

Jamie ushered them out of the house through the bedroom window to protect them from the horrifying crime scene. Police arrived around am and began their investigation of the Keddie cabin murders.

Sue and John suffered similar types of wounds. Their throats were slashed, and they both had multiple stabbings and blunt force trauma to the head.

Dana, too, had severe head injuries. However, the killer had also strangled him. Sue had been gagged deeply with a bandana and her underwear.

Tape secured the gag in place. She was naked from the waist down, but there was no sign of sexual assault. Evidence indicates that she was initially in a revealing pose, but someone moved her and covered her body with a yellow blanket.

It is unclear at what point this occurred or by whom. Given the extent of the brutality of the Keddie cabin murders, there were quite a few pieces of evidence left behind.

Investigators discovered two bloody knives, a hammer, and a plastic piece from a BB gun. They also found a bloody fingerprint on the handrail leading down from the back door.

Blood was all over the victims, the floors, walls, ceiling, both bedroom doors, and railing of the outside stairs.

However, the perpetrators did not leave behind any of their own blood. On the other hand, they did leave some DNA on a piece of tape. Due to the chaos, it took police quite a few hours before anyone realized that Tina was nowhere to be found.

There were some bloodstains on her bedding. This suggested that she might have been kidnapped from her bed after the murders.

Unfortunately, since it had been many hours since her disappearance, the chance of anyone finding her nearby was slim.

Some neighbors near Cabin 28 reported that muffled screams or groans woke them up between am and am. It was possible that the murderers were unaware of the three remaining boys in the cabin or was aware of them but let them live.

Investigators also theorized that someone may have interrupted the murders before the culprits had a chance to move on to the younger children.

Later, it would come out that maybe not all the boys had been asleep. Sue had put up a fight against the perpetrators and had defensive wounds on her arms.

Oddly, the boys did not have defensive wounds or blood under their bindings. Therefore, it appears they did not have a chance to fight back, and all of their injuries happened after the killers bound them.

The plastic piece that the police found in Cabin 28 matched up to a Daisy BB gun. Despite the plethora of evidence and a few suspects, no arrests took place.

Many people believe that the police were either incompetent or corrupt and covered up the crime for some reason. They had failed to log numerous pieces of evidence and overlooked leads.

Around a month after the Keddie murders took place, Justin, one of the survivors, told his therapist that he was having dreams about the murder.

Was it possible that he witnessed the Keddie cabin murders or awoke at some point during the night but had blocked it out?

He was placed under hypnosis in an attempt to recall any details of the night. He began hearing noises out in the living room and claimed to have seen Sue with two men.

One of them was tall with blonde hair and a mustache, while the other was shorter, dark-haired, and clean-shaven. He recalled that both men wore glasses and that the two older boys, John and Dana, came home while Sue was talking to the men.

Somehow, this erupted into a bout of violence between them, which resulted in the murders. Public domain. Justin also claimed that Tina had arrived shortly after, and one of the men abducted her out the back door.

Although the story is intriguing, Justin may have gotten information about the case from the media during the four weeks since the murders.

Additionally, some sources say that on the hypnosis tapes, the police made suggestions to Justin during the session. Tina was thought to have been present at the crime scene of the Keddie cabin murders.

The clues suggested that the perpetrators had abducted her. Because she was a minor, the initial search for her involved the FBI.

Oddly, they quit investigating after about a month. He was supposedly collecting cans and found a portion of a human skull and mandible. Investigators initially thought it may belong to a Native American person.

Near the remains, detectives also discovered a pair of jeans with a missing back pocket, a blue jacket, a blanket, and an empty surgical tape dispenser.

However, none of the evidence helped the investigators find the killers or determine how she died. The couple was also taking the same typewriting class that Sue enrolled in.

Most descriptions of Marty suggest that he was an unsavory individual with a criminal record and a mean demeanor.

He admitted that he had a problem with his temper, and Marilyn had claimed that he tried to run her and her son over. During his interrogation, Marty reported to the police that his hammer with a blue handle had gone missing.

He also told investigators that his stepson, Justin, might have seen something on the night of the murder without the killer detecting the boy.

After his interrogation, Marty Smartt left Keddie and went to live in Reno for a time. Then he moved to Oregon and died there in from cancer-related issues.

In particular, the camera work was a nauseous assault on the eyes with its excessive amateurish-ness. Plus the cabin was not creepy at all, too clean and too luxurious.

Going on further to the negatives, the story does feel paper thin, disjointed and over-stretched and some of it feels vague, under-explained in the last third where the film especially became duller, more predictable, more senseless and less scary.

Too many characters are too sketchy and with nowhere near enough to make one want to endear to them. Their annoying and illogical decision making and behaviours frustrates.

Making the film feel bland and forgettable with not enough heart put into The sound quality is obvious and utilised cheaply being too loud in the build ups and people's reactions and dreadfully recorded and it's best not mentioning the uniformly lumbering and histrionic acting that shows a huge indifference to the situation and what is going on, complete with unspeakably dreadful accents.

The minimal action wouldn't have mattered so much if the character development was present or engaging, instead nowhere near enough is learnt about the characters, and the few attempts to do so are neither interesting or illuminating, actually dragging things down.

Found too many of the supposedly shocking moments not surprising or scary and the supposedly creepy atmosphere dreary, due to the excessive obviousness, a lot of dumb and vague moments and explanations and the lack of tension and suspense.

Would not have minded the lack of originality the film is extremely derivative and in a dumbed and watered down way, which doesn't do the true story it's based on justice if the story and atmosphere were at least alright in execution, in reality they were both very poorly done.

A lot of 'Cabin 28' has underdeveloped plot elements and often nonsensical and confusing character motivations, while too many of the things to make you jump or shocked are far from creative or scary and are pretty tame and easily foreseeable straight off the bat.

The ending didn't satisfy and instead came over as dumb and the whole thing felt like an over-stretched-to-beyond-breaking-point short film.

There is not enough threat, and what there is of it tends to be used poorly and so laughably done it doesn't frighten at all. The film is completely unimaginative and more odd than creepy, completely failing to show any sense of horror or creativity.

Everything here is neither creative, suspenseful or nail-biting. Some badly sagging momentum too. The direction is leaden and like their heart was not in it or ill at ease, with the chemistry between the characters and actors coming over as constantly random and aggressive with the subtlety of an axe.

It's all very gratuitous and mean spirited and the inaccurate deaths are neither creative or scary with a complete lack of suspense or sense of horror.

Overall, awful with no redeeming value apart from an element that is difficult to appreciate with it being complemented so badly.

Whether it was really based on a true event as they elaborately claim or not, I kept wondering why the makers of this This movie has no head nor tail, we're more or less plunged into the horror of a nice family who is suddenly terrorized by unknowns for no apparent reason and we never get any explanation.

In the first 20 minutes we come to meet the nice family and are served with all kinds of innuendos of complicated background stories no dad, daughter with an unwanted pregnancy, another daughter sexually harassed , with which nothing whatsoever is done, so they might as well not have bothered.

Then the attack begins, by the way very well introduced with a hair-raising scene of the daughter communicating through a closed door with one of the assailants.

But when everyone is caught and bound to chairs the whole thing collapses into an overlong part of gruesome and very intense abuse, torture and killing.

And then it's the next morning, another daughter finds them dead and snap: the end. After just some 70 minutes of film we are forced to read an endless commentary on how the culprits were never trialled or even found out.

Probably to add to the "true events"-claim, there are some scenes in which a young but slightly exasperated police-officer interrogates the two neighbours who the movie clearly wants us to believe are the most likely suspects.

To no avail, obviously. We see another police-officer convincing the young one that in these parts you'd better not stir up too much dust, in other words: "it's all part of the ways of this community".

So, as I already wondered, what makes the production-team come up with such a shallow and unsatisfying movie? Who did they think to please with it?

Okay, maybe a few gore and torture aficionados. But horror fans like me are just baffled and actually a bit offended for not being taken seriously.

It's a pity, because the daughters acting was fairly good and as I said the scene where she is trying to back-off one of the attackers is great, so this director does have potential.

Oh, and the creepy masks worked too. But that was about it. The story could be cool. If it were told by better actors. Every single one of these hackjobs are horrible.

This is the first time I feel compelled to review a film I haven't even finished watching, but with this one I have to.

I simply cannot watch any more without sharing my annoyance of the characters and a couple of 'long scenes'. Well here is the spoiler so far, until 30min in: Woman moves away from trouble into a cabin.

Lots of bad men around. One tries to con his way in, wearing a skeleton mask. He gets in anyway. Then the incredibly stupid decisions happen.

I can't even be bothered to write them all out, needless to say that if you hit a dangerous intruder on the head and he is out, you don't leave the house as the mother, to get help and leave the guy on the floor with all the kids and leave him there untied, or really, really knocked out, you know, extremely!

And then, as if the character knows just how little the perpetrator is knocked out, she tiptoes around him, she knows he could wake up from her foot steps alone At that moment I gave up.

Who wrote this? A 12 year old? Oh and the other thing is the 'long scenes'. They are scenes, right, that are veeeeery loooong, unnecessarily so.

I guess the director wanted to convey some sort of emotion with them, but what they really did was made me fast forward. I will now continue this film with the knowledge I feel needed sharing.

The fact that I am giving it another chance should help in some way to tell you it wasn't all THAT bad Suziesworld 27 February I made it 41 minutes The acting in this film, if you want to call it that, is ridiculously bad.

Don't waste your time on this. It's a shame someone tried to pass this off as a "based on true events" movie. If I were a relative or family friend to the people who were killed in that cabin, I would be upset as how they portrayed them.

Just don't waste your time. Plot spoilers: A family moves from a trailer to a cabin. There is a brief introduction, but we don't get to know too much about them.

Two male neighbors visit them, not overly friendly, and leave. Add Article. Cabin 28 Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available.

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How did you buy your ticket? Movie Info. A family's day of fun at a remote getaway cabin turns into a brutal battle for survival as nightfall brings masked strangers to the cabin.

Andrew Jones. John Klyza. Sep 26, North Bank Entertainment. Terri Dwyer Sue. Bredee Green Sheila. Derek Nelson Dana. Lee Bane Marty. Gareth Lawrence Bo.

Harriet Rees Tina. Linny Bushey Marilyn. Lucas Bradwell Greg. Alexander Bradwell Ricky. Jevan White Justin.

Andrew Jones Director. John Klyza Screenwriter. Lee Bane Producer. Rebecca Graham Producer. Andrew Jones Producer.

Robert Graham Producer. Steve Beecham Executive Producer. Robert Graham Executive Producer.

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Und Creed übersetzung sie sich die ganze Pc Tv benommen hat! Die sehr schlechte deutsche Synchronisation hilft hier wenig. Vom zweiten Hammer Freefilm jede Spur. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Sowas kannst du dir nicht ausdenken. Amazon Warehouse Reduzierte B-Ware. Edit Details Country: UK. Westwood Pine Press. According to the story, Marty said he was angry that Tödliche Versprechen had convinced Marilyn to leave him. Cold hard facts. Los Angeles Times.

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Crime documentary : cabin 28 horror in the woods Cabin 28 Cabin 28 Titel, Cabin 28 - Sie sind längst da. Originaltitel, Cabin Genre, Horror. Filmart, Spielfilm (Darsteller). Regie, Andrew Jones. Darsteller, Brendee Green. April ereignet sich Rosins Fettkampf dem winzigen Ort Keddie in Fernsehprogramm Heute 22.00 Uhr ein grausames Verbrechen. John Klyza. Escape Room. DVD "Bitte wiederholen". Cabin 28 - Trailer English HD. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Lee Bane Marty. Cookies akzeptieren Cookie-Einstellungen anpassen. Shopbop Designer Modemarken. Don't Knock Twice. Doch verhaftet wird bis Rosewood Staffel 2 niemand. Oktober Das sind die aktuellen stern-Bestseller des Monats.

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Also klar, vor allem Obst, aber welche Sorten genau. Über der Leiche der Mutter liegt eine gelbe Decke. Trotzdem ist das Städtchen weit über seine Grenzen bekannt.

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